Over the next few years I am working on a method for improvising classical style music. It is primarily a performance project, working with classically trained musicians to create new classical compositions in real time for an audience. 

My starting point for this project is a method called Conduction which was developed by Lawerence "Butch" Morris. Before his death in 2013 he detailed his method in The Art of Conduction, a method that Morris was able to use to create complex improvisations with sometimes very large ensembles. 

I am interested in exploring its potential to create new classical compositions with small ensembles, perhaps three to six members. While the method has been used in jazz and soundscape music, I believe there is great potential to use the method in classical music, in particular chamber music. 

I will be developing some social media pages to help share the progress and learnings from this project, so stay tuned for details. However, in the meanwhile feel free to contact me about the project.